Author of The Drug Users Bible: • Researcher of psychoactive chemicals and plants • Psychonautic explorer & traveller.

I was at a loose end for a couple of hours so I started to look at the contents of the cocaine samples submitted to a well known UK lab. Of focus was the issue of what cocaine is commonly bulked or cut with (not including other mainstream drugs). …

A regular kitchen herb

Nutmeg produced my worst ever drug experience, and delivered an early message that ignorance could cost my life. Indeed, following this episode I didn’t dabble with another psychoactive botanical for over 20 years.

I was 21 when I made a cup of nutmeg tea, scraping the nut into hot water…

The Shamanic Aphrodisiac & Chemsex Drug


My experience report, as extracted from The Drug Users Bible:

Classified by Erowid as a stimulant and vasodilator, yohimbe is a strange one, to say the least.

At lower and moderate doses it has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times. Consistent…

Magic Truffles

My first experience with Magic Truffles didn’t go according to plan, but it did teach me the importance of set and setting. As extracted from The Drug Users Bible:


Truffles broadly comprise the underground hardening of a mushroom’s mycelium, and are part of the fungus itself. Hardly surprisingly, therefore…


Rapé is a snuff which is widely used in the Amazon, sometimes in ayahuasca ceremonies. The thing about it is: it blows your head off! That’s not necessarily true, but it did for me and it does for many people, and not in a particularly nice way.

Whilst there are…

There’s no sugar-coated way to say this: the one thing that stops me enjoying weed more often is that I would get fat if I did. I just can’t stop eating when I am stoned. Food tastes better, I feel hungry, and once I start I go on until I…

DM Trott

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